Anger Poetry sundued

Feuds And Fights.

The feuds and fights

turn ugly on stage

anger and fury

blow up in rage

that which is within

becomes more serene

that which is without

turns into a rout.

Quarrels at home in a range

should never break the verge

confined within the walls

would sound  less in  a call

subdue and subside when provoked

a burst out could never be revoked

behave not atrociously in a fold

a smile could be nice to behold

with that win the world.stock-photo-angry-father-and-son-having-an-argument-isolated-on-white-background-125366117

detail history Poetry

The Long Story in an Entail

Empires rise and fall

happens in times all

prince kills the King

emboldens in the wing

history tells us in detail

a long story in  an entail.

This is a phenomenon

an overused denomination

power is the goal

leads to an outrageous toll

history tells us in detail

a long story in  an entail..

The royalty sees such ones

so do the wealthy almost known

money  translates the wish

desire destroys the bliss

history tells us in detail

a long story in hoffmann-the-entail-09_reducedan entail.


Man-made. Nature Poetry

Nature And Humanity

Beauty could be found everywhere

not in nature alone

man-made monuments  share

loveliness in tone.

A rose is beautiful

well, that is the one that comes foremost

so is the handicraft  wonderful

well, that would be the least to come almost.

The mountain stands majestic

tall and stimulating to the eye

so is the Taj Mahal  elliptic

solemn and sober to the eye.

The ocean roars in a force

endeavouring,not a compromise

so is  humanity in the course

initiating  not a compromise.

Nature in all its glory

imagines itself to be an embodiment

Humanity in all its folly

determines itself  to be a rudiment.Taj Mahal