nature. Poetry

Rain And Sun

Rain and sun

have a lot of fun

with the men Sun vs Rain

dirty nauseating Poetry regret.

A Dirty Game.

People take discipline in their hands

never follow the rules in hand

each one tries his way and argues

says it is the best in a review

knock the door and enter is common

barge in without information is uncommon

this is what people around me do

not literally I mean this entry in due

similar faults happen for the worse

one uses the other ignoring the curse

a man discreetly uses the other’s staff

he is not bothered about the scoff

the bait is the money at large

the staff goes behind in a scourge

both accomplish the job

the loser is the one who gave the job

many more incongruities would come to light

the employer brushes aside all these to avoid a fight

it is cheap and nauseating behaviour of both

the one who uses and the one who serves

they go on without any regret or a feel of shame

well, these are the days of the blame

they prosper  as they have played a dirty game.dirty game

east Poem traditional west.

The Nomad I Am

I am a nomad

a little mad

traditionally clad

wherever I go

I do not stoop low or ever bow.sari traditional

I have no home

as the world is my home

have a  home in east

have a home in west

have homes everywhere

Wherever I go

I sit at home

that be my world

see the words

write them in gold.

It could be me here

could be me there

I wonder who am I?

know not for a while

soon recollect in style.

imperious Poetry regal

The Beautiful Black Bird.

It is a beautiful bird

comes and sits right at the top

not a colourful bird

its looks make one to stop

black in colour

dazzling ans shiny

seen through my parlour

not huge nor tiny

regal in its gait

pleasing in its decor

has a tiny plait

the wings occasionally flutter

trots imperiously

around my garden  joyfully

glides along  tweeting  merrily

flies away magnificently.