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caution. Poetry retrospection

Reverse osmosis

Retrospection is a way to see life in reverse

what had passed be it fruitful or adverse

could have fared better in a diverse

the thought stems up in an inverse.

Turn back and see through the past

what has been crossed in a cast

show you the ups and downs in a graph

learn through the curves without a laugh.

Turn front and go ahead in a march

careful not to step into the marsh

tread cautiously through the course

be sure not to be lead by any farce.Guangzhou_Manufactured_water_life_system_reverse_osmosis

beware. hell Poetry

Hell Would Break Loose.

The fastidious events that I witness

cause me to lie in  a distress

fastidious they hell will let loose.are to detail

not very true in the entrail.

Meticulously they carry out the rules

using the loopholes as the tools

they find  in between the holes

invisible entries invisible in the stroll.

They are straight in the  presentation

could trace no blotch in the  implementation

smoothly ironed out the differences

could find no anomaly in the inference.

The smartness goes a long way

takes you to places in a day

beware of the investigations

rise up at any time in  a determination.

Not being hundred percent safe undoubtedly

intrusions would lead to a debauch unknowingly

the hell would let loose its froth in no time

have to wallow in ignominy all time.