bad mad Poetry sad.

I Am Mad

I am mad

so I am very sad

but not bad.i__m_not_bad__i__m_just_mad__by_eatthewords-d4lrrlr

gain Poem Wealth

Gain Or Drain

The way it comes

be the way it goes

that be of ill-gotten wealth.

Earn a little no matter

the means doth matter

that  be a hard earned wealth

The wealth from sources  bad

would turn you sad

that be a perennial  disaster.

The earnings by fraud

would put you behind the bar

could be a cause of shame.

A saying in my language

sale of a dog does not bark

makes me think twice.

The proceeds from anything

be it a sale of a dog or land

should be truthful.

A genuine gain and wealth

would withstandcrown the times

be it fair or ill.

incoherent Poetry

Incoherent Rambling.

It is fun to see those

who talk about crores

nothing they have done

not even for  the sake of fun

but talk to the hearts 3148961-Business-Concepts-Business-talk-Stock-Vector-coffee-cartoon-shopcontent

lengthening it to an extent

about their achievements

amidst great impediments

when they did not perform

how could there be obstacles in any form

they go on and on rambling incessantly

hard to turn the ears to the incoherency.


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lipstick Poetry

The Makeups and Make dos

Do makeups change a person’s looks?

it could give a shine temporary

not much a deviation in looks

the lipstick in colours seems extraordinary

the red lips do not blend with the complexion

they get smudged as the hours pass

patchy appearance is seen as a distraction

at times the lipstick seems to cause

a naughty look not deemed to be respectable

well, this could be my personal remark

hope not many to get offended in a possibility

each one has their own distinctive mark

with or without facials or makeups

whatever you call it to be

as I am ignorant of such startups

better I remain away from these and flee.lipstick