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Want To be Born As A Fish

I have a wish

want to be a fish

with eyes always closed

with nothing enforced

sailing through the water

not involved in any barter

up I would go  with a tide

down into the water I go in a ride

I live in the  salt water of

an ocean

dwell in a pond in a fusion

I have no likes and dislikes

when the waves strike

I am disturbed to an extent

otherwise, I stay content

that is the gift I possess

in the deep waters I refresh.

bleeds Poetry

My Heart Bleeds.

I look back

I have crossed the track

I have tread miles and miles

I have scored with a smile

a long track Is behind

a long innings of a kind

now  I think long about them

my heart bleeds pitiably

my heart was ripped possibly

not that I  suffered

not that I  struggled

a cause of a shock

being discarded by those

who could never have

who would never have

Well, let me not go into details

as it would make  me a  being frail

I have come out of it for good

a reward  to me and to  my brood

forget it says my mind in a command

yet,my heart bleeds my heart bleeds with a demand.