Poetry profession Read sit stare write

I Sit And Stare,

It is a Sunday  evening

have nothing to do

mostly I do nothing always

sit and stare for hours

read and write for many hours

sleep soundly for many more hours

that is how I pass my days

either it be any day

Monday to Friday

through the week days

Saturday and Sunday

the week end days

I sit and stare

reas and write

sleep and sleep

any of you want to be like me?

nay, never as I know

you would all be busy always

no time to stand ans stare

if you try my professon once

would not leave it for ever

I sit and stare.stare

dead. Poetry puppy

The Newborn Puppies

Five puppies lie on the lane

little ones sweet and cute

newborn with eyes yet to open

they lie under a tree.

The mother hovers around

careful of not letting anyone near

the little ones squeal and whimper

while the mother walks around.

One little pupnewborn puppies alert and on the move

tries to cross the road

a fast moving car

runs over it in a second.

The puppy drops down dead

blood  splashed all over

the mother wails and bemoans

reminding of birth and death at once.

Poetry splash sprinkle

The Sprinkle And A Splash

I keep my windows open while I sleep

a whiff of fresh air knocks me now and then

last night I was in my deep sleep

an incident different took place then

a sprinkle of water on the face

it did not bother me anyway

then a splash of cold water on my face

did disturb me only a little anyway

I was fast asleep all the more

there was a strike so forceful

the water was all over  me

peeped through the window

saw the torrential pour in glee

the rains always make me glow

closed the windows  reluctantly

as my eyes pleaded for a rest insidiouslyrain ans sun