lose Poetry

Didn’t I win?

I liked to win

didn’t I win?

before or after

now and then

I lost as ever

lost did I ?

before or after

now and then.

Yes I did

lose is to win

so I won

with my loss

failure is a stepping stone

a step for success

so I failed

I stepped ahead

I strode a little too far

it was a misstep

I fell down

a loss once again

have to step once again

Shall I try?

Might step up

could overstep

finally a misstep

Lo! I go down

it is a slide

up and down I go

Up it is  a slow climb

down it being a fast fall

Win I not!

Not even for a fun!stock-photos-composite-image-businesswoman-stepping-up-37360943

I do not shun

as I step ahead

concubines flesh. Poetry

The Women Of God — Devadasis

The women of the world

from days old

had dignity and style

lived with pride all the while.

A few of them in times

out of necessity in all times

succumbed to poverty

sold their flesh incidentally.

These few of the women

were looked down as concubines

a sect that grew in terms

places where rich claimed terms.

They were part of a society

patronised by many a respectable

yet would not get respect

an oxymoron in this aspect.

They in years came to be known as Devadasi

otherwise woman of God -the Devan

their girls became properties of the temple

while the rich used them in ample.

The Devadasis  or concubines in a  general term

grew in stature devadasi  slowly turned firm

many of their children refused to become one

primarily admonished  for loss of fun.

The concubines faded away into memory

the official stamp has become a  reverie

while the unofficial exists  in full even now

the lust for flesh vibrates in a glow.