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The Burglary Day In And Day Out.

Met a friend of mine a day ago

talked of many issues in the go

she would narrate  a burglary

whenever I meet her regularly

she would keep her face so serious

her eyes would emit a fear innocuous

she would begin with a big ado

relates the incident one by one in a row

the old woman got up in between the night

she felt restless and her breath was tight

she tossed in her bed all too tired

she saw someone moving in the side

could that be her imagination she thought

nay not it was a man  who had barged in

she was all alone in the house

rang up her friend who stayed close

before he could come the man had left

she opened the door with fear intact

the man had made good of her gold locket

as well as the cash she had in her  purse pocket.

I heard the story with great interest

not that the incident  was an burglaryarrest

the storytelling was my friend’s asset.

humour. Poetry

Me Snoring.

As I was snoring

heard a roaring

got up from my sleep

being very deep

unable to open my eyes

sat up in a peculiar size

pressed my eyelids

played with it like a kid

saw through the windows

rains lashing madly below

scared to a great extent

fell on my pillow at a distance

closed my eyes with fear

the sleep which is very dear

came and embraced me

let go the rain and  roar

I went back to my snore.snoring

exhilaration glory Poetry

An Inexplainable Story

It is a far away place

away even to trace

no one should know

away from the daily flow

the  sun should rise  late

lethargic and lazy of date

shine a little and hide a while

bright and dark in an alternative style

the wind soft and feather like

goes past striking the face  alike

could resemble a kiss and an embrace

chivalrously bestowed with grace

the rains should come like a sprinkle

a shower so light and petal soft  in a tickle

while I sit there besotted at the top

besieged by none of my worldly thoughts

just breathing and breathing out the fresh air

my nostrils swell with gusto as there be none to share

my mind traverses across in a flight of fancy

wishes to land nowhere but sail in a trance

an unexplained tranquillity prevails

as I gaze around quoting a hail

Hail To Thee, Nature in all your glory

an exhilaration beyond an explainable story.natures-glory-flora-ehrlich