indignant Poetry subdued

My Subdued Song.

Getting angry for nothing at all

has been his way in all

especially towards me

he speaks with no glee

throws a look unkind

that keeps one in a bind

with others he is  benign

smiles with love and shine

this makes me indignant

I try to be defiant

well, that is the way my life goes

where I have to be always in toes.

know not how long it would prolong?

have to endure it with such a subdued song.stock-vector-the-person-of-the-man-blue-eyes-a-benevolent-smile-a-strong-willed-chin-14470516

grows increases. Poetry

Age Graph

Day after tomorrow

and  the day before yesterday

the  terms look smart fba2228e-1ba1-47a7-b6a2-8e9399ad21c5

being specific of the days.

Today and yesterday

with the call on tomorrow

gain speed and pass away

carry well with an allow.

So years roll by

with months in the fold

with them go the days

with a speed untold.

Been born a few months back

could become a year old

it is already in a pack

another six months  in  hold.

Well, that is how we  decipher

with the time waiting for none

we move about in eager

soon our work is done.

Young once we were

adults in the middle

now old as we are

so goes the riddle.

It is the age that increases

grows rapidly in  no time

others increase and decrease

not the age at any time.

completion honourable Poetry

The Finishing Line.

Tthe finishing line

need to be exquisite  and fine

the ending should be eloquent

be it in  any event

of a celebration  grand

not with a sonorous band

but with a delightful execution

could go down  with the perpetuation.

Life too demands such a completion

the final days should see a distribution

wherein you could find  glory

that would go to make up a story

this man lived up to honour

it  could be a banner

would  sing  the praise with pride

mark33 Tangal is born in the middle of a lotus flowering the end of the life’s ride.

divine. Poetry

Rapturous it Was.

A song from yonder

puts me to wonder

what it is all about?

as it is not feeble or loud

It flows throught the wind

almost passes into my window’s blind

fills the air around

enlivens the surround.

I enjoy the music

as it was engrossingly classic

he melody songwas heavenly

the rhythm was divinely.

I did not want to know

from where they came in a flow

I was filled with unexplainable feel

I lost myself in the rapturous steal