Poetry posture refraction

The Shadows And Reflections


The shadows and reflections

cause a refraction

that be not of science

could of be signs.

The pensive face with brows knitted

tell us of worries indebted

the expressions show at length

the experience in its strength.

The happy countenance with eyes in a sparkle

enlighten us of the fancies in a twinkle

the demeanour reflects at a stretch

the  delight is elicited in a sketch.

The melancholic interruptions with  downcast eyes

gives out the heaviness of the heart in tries

the desperation testifies in the course

the distinct evolution with a force.

The shadows of us big or 6944114106_e433dffe26_bsmall

never turn  against them as mere shadows

they reflect our posture through the window

dairy diet Poetry

The Diet – Vegan

It is a little away from the afternoon

an ease had set in at the noon

the lunch being ready  too soon

partook it as slow as possible.

Lunch wholesome with all its ingredients

pappads and chips and soup in gradient

rice, vegetables, stew and curd in proportion

the sumptuous meals  too much with a radiance.

Consumption of this proper diet every day

makes one fit and cherubic in a way

vegetarianism is a diet best always

turns you healthy and wealthy in a grace.

The vegan and vegetarian keen and similar

vegan is bereft of the dairy produce a dissimilar

the better of the two is vegan  as it puritanically delivers

not the milk, its allies and eggs brought forth after a torture.

The benefits being all the more voluminous

being a vegan makes you a healthy human

not any near to osteoporosis, heart diseases

a try  could lead you to a wellvegan diet.being gregarious

Poetry unity.

Birds Flock Together. — A Teaching

The birds in my garden

chatter and tweet

be an  incessant lengthy talk

all from dawn to dusk

a move not anywhere

fly down and fly up

never too far in the go.

Lovely to see them play

lovelier to watch them pick up

the crumbs and leftovers in  the gay

I have not seen anyone alone

they come in two’s and three’s

partake the food in a flock

never found them selfish.

Birds of the same feather

flock together

an expression very authentic

as they share and live

adjust and exist

play and enjoy

always in a flock.birds