achievement. Poetry

Fantasy And Mundane.

A novice attempt

 not at a  young age

 has turned  an achievement.

It is an experiment

done with great care

has turned an achievement.

It is a daring effort

executed with a meticulous diligence

has turned an achievement.

It is not a Himalayan task

but requires  a basic knowledge

has turned an achievement.

I attempted with no knowledge

accomplished it with full details

take pride in the achievement.

It is basically not my  subject

absolutely away from my writing passion

has brought laurels in a way.

Laurels did I say

not anything of an honour worldwide

but a recognition of my skill.

I, who dwell in the imaginary

descended to the mandatory

proved my mettle beautifully.

That much in a say

a fantasy could appropriate with the worldly

the samefantasy and worldly could not be said of the mundane.

great. height Poetry

A Man Of Height.

A man of  height

caught my sight

he was tall than normal

but never looked abnormal

long hands and legs  long

a nose equally long

walked in steps long

all the more in every sense long

could he be in thoughts long?

Oh, no how could  thoughts belong

would be great in his ideas  as such

that could be the  fitting epithet  in such

a tall man with great thoughts is of much

a greatness with an involvement  much

should be an appropriate  indulgence

a personality that goes with the idealism

a tall man with a tallness in realism.tall