difficult ease Poetry

Easy Submission

it is an easy submission

so did it with the  least attention

lo! could not submit

for reasons not known

tried once, twice and many times

could  not complete the action

yes, at times the easiest looks difficult

while the difficult turns very easy.submission

live Poetry

The Country Where You Live

The country where you live

becomes your home soon

faithful you be unto it

never mind your roots

the country of origin has a hold

not too much in the way

the bondage is an affection

not more than that in a play

remember the days you spent

if at all you had lived over there

the adopted one is yours now

you earn our bread over there

provides a shelter to you in short

liberal in its extension

lively in its instigation

well, then be faithful to the land

which had made you grand.751646_14103009590023063161

curse. Poetry

Idiocracy He Shouts

Idiocracy.idiocracy he cried out

could sense an anger in his tone

the fury being overridden by hatred

the hatred being weighed by his disbelief

the disbelief being overwhelmed by a deprive

that being the root cause for his outburst

alas!  the poor friend of mine was cheated

by all means and pros by his siblings

it is not he be a vulnerable person

he refuses to cross the median of justice

if he does with a lion heart

could overthrow them in no time

legality and the court give no respite

they add to the misery in disguise

he knows that very well  to the point

sticks to his precept of law and decorum

so his shout  “idiocracy “is the only way out.

let him be satisfied with the meagre he gets.

Poetry responsibility

Do Not See The Sun Rise.

iI is been a few days

I do  not see the sun rise

I sleep like a log

while the rays fall on me

they disturb me not

my eyes no longer feel the twinge

while the rays penetrate through

my body does not experience any warmth

as the sun streams through the window

I sleep like a log all the more.

Most unusual of me in the routine

I am not a very early riser as it is

wake up a little after dawn

then go with my chores in  my pace

now it is all in a topsy-turvy

the clock would show nine and a half

the time I open my eyes

I toss in  my bed for a few more minutes

then make ready for the day.

the way I live as of now.

I do not have anything imminent  to execute

nothing in the essence to perform

no more of calls from known or unknown

could be all these that have prompted  a lie-down

might be I tink of a possibility

might not also as I see through the events

it is a disinterest in life be the reason

with all the responsibilities over  now

like to slowsun rise down and drag a little

a nice way to enjoy life with no riddles.

fragrance. Poetry

Odour To Fragrance — The Pilgrim’s Progress

it is a difference

I would call it a reference

the days I used to open the doors

when energy and  the sunshine could pour

I would also throw open the windows

and draw the curtains in a way to allow

the stuffy smell to diffuse

now I very well use

an easy way you must know

a press on the Ambi Pur  is how

I drive away the stuffy smell

well, could be as well

make the  air crisp clean quickly

using Air Effects  of Ambi Pur  simply.

The other day I had a pile of clothes

my sarees and undergarment lying in a slope

knew not how to launder them in one wash

washed them in two to three machine  wash

they came out half dried up

hung them on the cloth strings to dry up

as always the fortune goes with me

the rains came in heavily in a spree

all my clothes became wet  and soggy

left them in the rains as I could do nothing better

the next day gathered them and to my horror

there was a smell that I could not describe  perfectly

used Febreze Fabric Refresher  liberally

that replaced the lingering odour with a freshness.

Having been away from home for months together

the house being locked altogether

the cobwebs hung in every direction

the dust had settled well in a fair proportion

I stepped in with a hesitation

I inhaled an air loaded with pollutants

I sneezed and sneezed  and as a continuant

I developed a wheeze oddly enough

I could not breathe and felt a tightness  in my chest

I switched on Ambi Pur Air Febreze Allergen reducer

what a way it could be a relief in a moment

I experienced the benefits at the very same moment.

It was a feast that I had to arrange

the  baskets of onions and garlic deranged

the ambience of my household in a way

I had to supervise the preparation all day

combined with it the asafoetida and the masala

added to the charm of the odour in a gala

the house amidst its noise and bustle

gave out a drastic smell in a hustle

I stood there aghast as how I could solve

as how I  could make fresh air  revolve

it was getting late and I turned nervous

all the more it is going to be strenuous

as if in a flash I thought of Ambi Pur

swished the  room freshener all over

all the odour  got converted  in a wink

the aesthetics  descended  all too quick.

Well, it is the Ambi Pur that had helped me

not once or twice but many a time  to  a glee

I regained my grace before my guest

that which I thought could be a test

passed off without a hitch wonderfully

I sustained the liveliness that would hitherto

been ruined by  my wheeze that comes like a tornado

all the merits go to Ambi Pur and its products

restore the environ  to its original without any deducts.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur