desire Poetry

The Primary And Secondary

A home away from home

greets you with a welcome

yet the longing to go back home

surges now and then in a tone.

Could I ascribe it to the warmth?

or could I confirm it as a want

might it be a feel in -depth

claim it to be an in homesadjustment.debt.

The second home equals in cherish

good in a way be it in a relish

yet the desire to return becomes feverish

Oh! at times it turns a relentless wish.

Well, have to make the second the primary

not that it is because of any rivalry

owe it to the occupation in verity

adjusting is the only way inadvertently.

economice Poetry treason.

A Marxian Economy.

Living with fear always

could deter your growth in ways

would some one break open, you ponder

would anyone jump through the fence? you wonder

puts you in a quandary all the more.

It is a peace that one wants

sleep and awake in peace, we cannot

be it   a sign of prosperity with reference

a pointer to good govenance

a way to enjoy life in real freedom

How many countries are safe?

could I say less than half?

no, can count them with the fingers

few  remain unfolded in a linger

be the plight of the world

Leads to the economics

could you c9780521793995all it dynamics

few are horribly rich

many are ruefully poor

the equation remains unbalanced.

This could be the reason

forces one to do treason

a fair proportion in riches

could answer these glitches

sensed by Karl  Marx long ago.