An Entertainment Without Fee.

monkeys playOn and off I am entertained

I do not buy tickets

I am fortunate enough

not a penny on tickets

sit at my patio long enough

behind the fastened gate

gaze at the tree opposite

the concert starts with a beat

the little one walks into the site

attempts a somersault  greet

his brother walks in merrily

incessant chatter from behind

the mother slowly moves in cheerfully

followed by the majestic father in a bind

all the four now hop and jump

the mother carries the baby in her pouch

the brother runs away from the sight

the father runs behind him as such

the baby cries for milk as he is hungry

mama feeds him then and there

sucking the baby goes to sleep peacefully

the father returns with the brother

screws up  his ears in  an admonition

the brother squeaks with pain and cries

with that the screen comes down

the players go back to the trees.

could anything be more entertaining?

contemplation Poetry

Solemn In Turn.

An understanding of what I have

a thought so  deep and intense

could never turn into a pretence

well, that is what I have.

A contemplation of the events I see

they seem to be bizarre to view

I could not see them anymore with glee

they are to be  purported to a vision  blue.

The slide show I would like to call them

come one by one in a sequence

the one overlapping the other in quantum

would lead to an awareness in a piquancy.

With an awakening and a rise

counting the results in a column

shedding of the pretext and disguise

should turn sobsolemner and solemn.

eligible marriage Poetry

The Most.Eligible Bachelor

The most eligible bachelor

married a beautiful girl

became an envy of all in a course

as every fairy tale would go

they lived happily ever after

not so with this bachelor

as he is of a  different  cast

it is a sip and a taste  fast

first of all in the run

he was not a bachelor in turn

leave alone the eligibility

which does not count with veracity

he had one or two or even more

live in relationships in an alien soil

he married the beautiful girl  to foil

the institution of marriage and its sanity

his parents well known for their vanity

arranged the marriage with keen insight

a dubious attempt not to be taken in light

a girl was born to this heartless man

who extracted much joy from his wife as he can

then  went joyfully across to his live-ins

ditching the wife and  the child into the dustbin

that could be the doom of  the marriage

nay it continues in a rocky land with a limp

the parents still roam about and quip

they would be united in a short while.

believers believe the words fully

the majority condemn the atrocity.