conquer Poetry Truth.

Stoop To conquer

Great I go

with a bow

need not be too low

a little high bow

condescending is lovely

so a bow is primarily

a stoop not lowly

little in slowly

could lead entirely

a realization inevitably

dawn on you gradually

a truth not hastily

says you have stooped to conquernamaste

disappear. exercise Poetry wrinkles yoga

Go Away Wrinkles

Wrinkles on the face

seen in phases

say as you age

you become a sage

so in your thirties

see a line scanty

a trace of a  line

you ignore and push on

in no time it is forty-one

you see in the mirror

could be a glare

you think for a while

then brush aside in style

walk past the day

the next time in the day

you stand before the glass

not one of the plain glass

again the mirror on the wall

find you looking tall

something is   amiss

could it be  a bliss

nay not it is a wrinkle

not one but two or three

here and there

looking awkward

seemingly runs inward

around the mouth in lines short

little freckled  and knotted

the worry settles in

now how to combat the appearance

go to the face yoga work- out

smile for two minutes  in a stand

your face muscles  are rejuvenated

stand before the mirror  and see yourself

pronounce the vowels softly  within yourself

a, e, i,o,u slowly and fully  with lips rounding

could find a lot of improvement upcoming

next  pull up your lips and hold them together

smile as much as you can stretch them to a flatter

a beautiful impression would follow you in time

one another exercise on the schedule

pout your lips as if in a kiss in an include

repeat all these thirty  times in a row

would be done in just a few minutes even be it slow

tell me how you look after the  course  of lip Face-exercise-2 yoga

I would then practise  and create a saga.

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breach clue. Poem strange violation wonder

The Band Of Colours,

The colours I see on the top of my page

red, orange, yellow green and blue

make me wonder being bandstrange

I see it for long without a clue.

Could it be for a breach?

nay, I have not violated

Could it be then a praise as such?

I have not done anything to be appreciated.

Well, then why is it there?

I stare at it for  quite some time

not able to arrive on anything in a share

I gaze at it with cheer with a smile.

defecate Poem spit.

The Man Being An Indian

Man defecates

not in private spaces

in  public places

an allegation so loud

a complaint  very rational

The  Man being an Indian.

Man spits

not in the ascribed spaces

well on the public places

a practice undesirous

an action contemptuous.

The Man being an Indian.

Man commits an offence

His ablutions  are private

never they would turn public

Learn the civic sense

you, Indian who has

otherwise5.-Spitting-in-public a load of intelligence.

Hindus Poetry split unity

The Indian Genocide -Man’s Ineptitude

Three hundred years of colonization

a rule through many generations

impoverished the Indian nation

the cradle of the Indian Civilization.

The unity in diversity found amidst the masses

a quality rare to seek in the grosses

vanished during the British rule

traders turned administrators played the fool.

Hindus and Muslim nurtured cordiality

the different faith was not a peculiarity

the colour and the vernacular being one

could search no discrimination  even for fun.

Supremacy being the prime aim

the British played a game

hatched  a design  to split the community

the Hindus and the Muslims  developed animosity


The seed  grew into a tree in no time

clashes and riots broke out all times

Great Britain ravished in  joy

the locals fought a battle like Troy.

Independence was announced

the amity of the people got denounced

Hindus were transported to India

Muslims were sent to Pakistan.

The Indian genocide took place

most Indians lost their face

women were molested and raped

men were mutilated and stripped.

Children were burnt alive

the foetus was plucked in the drive

horror and terror prevailed largely

an eventuality of a concern deadly.

The world would have seen disasters

natural and man -made  ones  pernicious

nothing of  such  colossal  magnitude

a phenomenon that portrays man’s ineptitudepartition-of-india-1947-rare-photos-13