Poetry steps theft.

Right and Left

Time-Theft-at-Work-300x287Right and left

go the steps in deft

Is it  theft?

King Poetry royal

Long Live The King!

Long Live the King!

an embellishment,  I suppose

King alone should live long

why not we? I thought in the course

The King is royal  and blue-blooded

could be an answer with a force.

Hail to thee, Royal Highness!

comes the other  in a resonance

a saying of a significance.

I look around to see the King The King enters.

I do not find a difference in him

he is a man just like every other

does not possess anything grim

with organs all the more similar

very indolent in his actions

a retinue of servants to perform

hired people t act and react

well, that is how he is in  real  form

accosted and accorded the prime

resounds the chorus whenever he enters

Long Live The King!

Poetry trampled. double decker bus


Read about a bus run over

a unicyclist about to be trampled

caught in between the tyres

left me in a wonder.292D415A00000578-3102358-image-m-40_1432899082102

The cyclist went below the wheels

the driver unaware moved forward

the spectators stopped the bus

the man lay  under the wheels.

Know not what to do

panic prevailed all through

each one came out with ideas

the cyclist lay there without a clue.

An onset of people  from everywhere

engaged in a marathon

lifted the bus to a foot high

the man by himself crawled out from nowhere.

Incredible to the eyes

a heavy double decker being lifted

the spirit of mankind well seen

an amazement  in tries