hiccups. Poetry

Delay Wanton.

Delay, delay it is all through

not for one in a way

it is why I do not know

a  stalemate in every flow

nothing passes quick

faces hiccups could be a trick

or else an ignorance  plain

wish not to see a gain

an invigoration on the move

a persistent drag as a proof

it is hard to endure any more

like to bash them  before

they realize the devastation

they would succumb to a distortion

let me wait and watch anyhow

could be my day in an allow.delay

appropriate. pattern Poetry

The Garlands

The garlands in my land

where plain and bland

roses  or jasmines in  the hold

heavily formed and looked bold

the weight was considerable

a burden to the neck inevitable

with the zari threads around

and a thick stalk in a bound.

Recently they have gone through a change

look  grand and colourful in a range

the rose petals are piled one upon another

matching the colour of the bridal costumes together

go with the patterns all in a  thematic concept

very light and eloquent in their precept

on more insider trading in a confidence

they are very expensive in a preference.246c5c930016dbab2d088d2d61ed83af