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Bargaining Breath

I panted and heaved

took a moment to ease

turned back to see

could not find  anything amiss

I brushed m sari to a neat fold

pulled my hair and tied it into a knot

wanted to dab my face with cool water

so walked towards the tap in the garden

checked the bolt of the gate

exhausted slipped on to the garden chair

the run I experienced just now

has left me breathless all the more

it was a dog not very big

crossed the road while I was waiting

came towards me know not for what

I  fear dogs the most in my life

whether they are friendly or ferocious

the sight of the dog sends a shiver down the spine

when I saw this not  a frightening one as such

I took to my heels and ran as fast as I could

the dog perhaps perplexed followed me in full speed

I negotiated through the lanes and corners

the dog  came behind me speedily

I fled for fear of life

saw my gate wide open

I barged in and locked the gate

breathless I stood there for a few seconds

ashamed of myself and my fear

I went inside the garden

before anyone could see me

made myself presentable

but it was too much for me to endure

my breath became normal after an hour of respite.

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gamble. Poetry ruffle shuffle

The Game Of Cards

The game of cardsgame of cards

shuffle and ruffle

the same numbers gong together

the numbers in order getting closer

spade, hearts, diamond and clover

gain  an impetus with the joker

the games go on for hours together

betting and challenging with dollars

a game that turns into stakes higher

seriousness sets in as the players gather

the value increases manifold becomes dearer

it is a fortune for the winner

a terrible loss to the loser

all these never prompts a halt

as the gamble progresses to glory.