Boston Poetry revolution

The Boston Tea Party.

Over a cup of tea

decisions are taken  in glee

from the Boston Tea party

an iconic event in American History

triggered the American revolution

the tax on tea  caused the indignation

a  straw could light up the fire

so did the tax flaunted the ire

the Americans  dumped the  consignment

the ocean devoured the tea with excitement

the seeds of American independence was  sown

from then on the fury  of the Americans was shown

beware not to risk your authority all the more

never say  Boston Tea partylightly  it is only a cup of tea anymore.

endure pass. Poetry

Ignore Adversity.

Better not to know

that which is adverse

be it in health or in life

endure and pass on

knowing is disastrous

drains the energy

fear sets in  unknowingly

that would kill you

even before the dreaded disease.

could be a wrong outlook

a deviation from the course

yet I do stick to it

would never stray away

that be zig-ziglar-quotes-about-not-giving-up-staying-strong my perception.

angelic Poetry

Angelic Demeanor

I am not an angel

with all goody in me.

.I am not an angel

with piety in me.

I am not an angel

with  all kindness in me.

I am not an angel

with cordiality in me.

I am not an angel

with all smiles in me.

I am a human

with good and bad in me.

I am a human

atheism and narcissism in me.

I am a human

with kindness and ruthlessness in me.

I am a human

with cordiality and hostility in me.

I am a human

with smiles and tears in me.

One  who calls himself an angel

is a liar to the core.

One with all the goodness alone

is not a human.

One that professes to be an angel

is an actor as well.

One who smiles all the time

nurtures a vengeance  behind.

Try to have a straight face

hide nothing in a phase.

Try to be truthful  always

lies would spoil you.

Try to be helpful all the same

help is beautiful.

Try to be quiet and modest

would bring you prosperity.7361983_f248