Actions cheat mistrust Poetry

Trust Leads To Mistrust.

Trust trustin a person should be absolute

if it is not it would complicate

thought I once and relied on trust

now have realized  it is not worth  a test

as faith in one had let me down badly

principally and monetarily   in totality

I hate myself  for what I had been

now want to change over and am keen

my experience tells me  to be wary

if not you would be drummed fully.

a piece of advice I wish to circulate

want it to be very articulate.

deceit greed Poetry

The Sayings Say

Mercy is twice blessed

blesses the one that gives

and that one who takes

That be of mercy

think of greed

it is twice cursed

curses the one that gives

curses the other who takes

think of deceit

it is twice an evil

destroys the one who does

destroys the other who lets it be done

so go the sayings new and old

take it or leave it is yhqdefaultour goal.