execution finality Poetry. distinct. knack understanding

Delineation —————-A Unique Deliverance.

The art of delineation

very subtle and distinct

few have the knack

few know how to track

few excel in the pack.

The understanding as such

very crucial and relevant

few have the power

few know to cover

few emerge out  like a flower.

The execution as much

very demanding and reliable

few have the strength

few know to invent

few could carry out in length.

The finality  concludes in an excellence

very beautiful and exemplary

few have the sensitivity

few know the possibility

few could finalise  with a credibility.

Delineation is an art

crystallises  in a form

few engage with an indulgence

few drive with a reference

few could distribute in a sequence.

culture difference line Poetry

Distinguish———A Stigma.

The way one lives

the say one has

the play one does

the culture one displays

distinguish him one from other

a line subtle differentiates

going through life

we see the ups and downs

ups make us happy

the downs suppress us

we cry and struggle

yet we come out of it

some do it shabbily

a method not appropriate

entering into a controversy

indulge in fights

and wordy duels

others face it grimly

stoic they are

get through the rough  patch

patiently they endure

slowly they emerge out

A lot of adjustments

they are distinct in their  moves

make them distinguished

honourable as in all

revered by all

qualified for the distinction

strong and sustainable.