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Bad Is Good

bad is good

as all things are good

good is bad.

aligns associates. formula Poetry relativity science

The Theory Of Relativity

The theory of relativity
a scientific formula
aligned not to science alone
associates with poetry also.
the tree in all its glory
comes close to a comparison
a man having achieved glory.
The rose  in all its beauty
tells us of the sweetness
while its thorns
indicate the ruggedness
there are  sides for all
one for the good
the other for the bad
good and bad exist together
illness and wellness live  together
love and hate get on together
the theory of relativity
comes in handy
expressed in easy terms
not as outlandish as in science.

copious . earth enlivens layers Poetry soil

The Rain For An Hour.

The rain comes

pours in  a torrent

drenches the ground

penetrates into the layers

down to the crust

all done in an hour

a rejuvenation is across

the earth revives

copious water around

a sense of beatitude  prevails

all because of the rain.rain comes

Child forest hooligans. interior Poetry

None To Weep For Her.

It is an experience

could be of relevance

very much referred by all

the cause of a great fall.

The little girl left alone

wandered in the streets all alone

caught the eyes of hooligans

who took her to a forest dense.

The little one cried hoarse

gagged with a cloth coarse

she whimpered in a subdued tone

all muffled up the poor one.

They dragged her to the interior

raped and bruised her exterior

she lay half dead in the mid forest

they abandoned her in the test.

The horror is so terrible

the girl lay there horrible

none to take care of her

none to weep for her.

deceive fraud Money Poetry punishment

The Status And Its Trend.

cbi__0_0_2Great in name

great in fame

great in wealth

great in stealth

the man of repute

commits  in depute

frauds and malpractices

has been the practice

not of him alone

of his family in tone

boast of their status

they  being traitors

not the ones who let the country

sharing the secrets to the entries

who hoard and who deceive

the banks and receive

millions and billions

why not even trillions

cheat the depositors untiringly

swindle their money unmindfully

walk around  with dignity

after selling the integrity

such men should be shot

their  money has to be got

leaving them free

would be risky in the spree

catch them at action

wait for no reaction

possibly money could butt in

throw punishment to the bin

they would imperiously tread

as men of substance and well read.