Poetry record refer register

Could be so.

could be soA premonition

could be from an intuition

reveals a recreation.

A recreation

could be from an insinuation

records a retribution.

A retribution

could be from an instigation

refers an installation.

An installation

could be from an election

registers an information.

charm. delay drag entice Poetry

Fair Drags —- Foul Hastens

Fair and foul

plays the wind

not only the wind

but the mind oscillates

between fair and foul

a Hamletian dilemma  exists

virtually foul wins over

as fair  comes behind

it drags and delays

tests the patience

while foul is upbeat

charms and entices

holds with a tight fist

wins over in a wink

that be the speed of foul

as all things bad

go with a rush.fair is foul

expensive grocer Poetry

Five hundred Note.

It is my grocery day

walked out with my big bag

took a five hundred rupee in hand

felt I had a lot of money in my pocket

reached the store well in advance

the doors remained closed

sat there for a time

watching the passers by

the grocer came rushing

apologising for being late

in went I with my bag

and my five hundred rupee note

handed my list to the grocer

he went through and looked at me

strange was his look and perplexing

he said in a subdued tone

this amount would not do

require another two five hundred

I was taken aback and stood startled500

never mind he said in a lighter vein

I would pack the things

you can pay me later

my face fell down in shame

well, in which era I am