orientation Poetry prosperity. Wealth

Discussion—— A Reservoir Of Prosperity.

The open discussion

between the parties

they be individuals

they be politicians

might include the  representatives

those belonging to different countries

those of business enterprises

a talk from the heart

with a purpose

focused  and relevant

would lead to an orientation

a strike through  all the more

would bring  a result unexpected

new ideas would crop up

proposals would find  the light

a full-fledged  discussion

could turn a resource

become a reservoir of  prosperity.

engagement involvement Poetry remarkable.

Dedication —–A Wonderful Gift.

The exact focus on a subject

the rightful point on an object

the involvement on a work

the execution of the work

called as dedication.

The engagement  one shows

leads to a distinction in a flow

the details  are taken into account

the  nuances come into count

so go the dedication.

The keenness  displayed  in execution

the time spent on the  impression

the follow-up with no limitations

the  discipline not to include imitations

let one feel it is dedication.

Dedication is a quality of pride

never to be taken for a ride

the way you do is remarkable

the result might not be very  reliable

could  be a dedication too.