An Insane Woman

She sees snakes

Coming out of a mound

Feels very scary.

She sees snakes

Wriggling on the bare ground

A bad omen.

She sees snakes

Attacking each other in frenzy

A horrendous  sight.

She sees snakeS

 All in her fictitious mind

An insane woman.

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The 108 veena Recital —— A Rhapsody

download (78)A musical prayer  in great earnest

performed in the portals of a temple

known for its beauty and power

situated in a place of learning

the temple Meenakshi Amman

a lofty one with celebrations throughout

not a month passes without festivals

Madurai, the seat of Tamil learning

hosts cultural events in its own way

simple and solemn they are

bereft of ostentation and fanfare

the hundred and eight veena recital

sends a melody on to the heaven

where the Goddess Of Learning  “Saraswathi”

relaxes after a day’s work of imparting wisdom

she wakes up to the stringed rhapsody

listens to the flow with utmost attention

condescends with a smile of recognition

closes her eyes as a way of enjoyment

takes on her veena and starts to play

the divine music floods through the gates

comes in with such a rhythmic force

keeps in tune with the human song

the temple hall echoes with the “natham”

the reverberation enthralls the audience

the piety exhilarates and  insinuates

an endowment of mellifluous melody