amazing Poetry

A Song And A wrong.

Predictions go wrong

diction goes in a song

demonstrations go strong

dedication takes you long

distractions make you do wrong

concentration makes you write a song

be those all in an amazing song

enable you to do nothing wrong.

diamons flowers gold mantras Meenakshi Poetry slokas Thevaram Thiruvasakam

An Immemorable Darshan

Madurai-Meenakshi-Amman-Temple4A darshan after a long time

exhilarating in a way

saw the Goddess Meenakshi

bejewelled and decked extravagantly

the diamonds glittering like stars

the gold shining like the  sun

the garlands of rose and jasmine

reflected a charm  in colours

as a pleasant odour of the flowers

along with the aroma of the incense sticks

accompanied by the chanting of mantras

the singing of slokas by the priests

punctuated by the rendition

of Thevaram and Thiruvasakam

by the musicians, the Othuvars

as they are called in Tamil

the people queued up to get a glimpse

patiently walking in  rows

saw many among the crowd

totally in an ecstasy

with tears welling in their eyes

it was a darshan scintillating

great be the Friday  morning

being  most favourite day of the Goddess

dignified honest Poetry stylish

A Great Man Unknown.

It is about a man

simple and smart

dignified and gentle

well dressed and stylish

honest and earnest

I would call him great

as I love his charisma

admire his etiquette

adore his integrity

like his speech

many would not go with me

have a penchant for ostentation

an inclination for vanity

a wish for authority

would equate him to an ordinary

would not vote for him in elections

would not care to respect him

would not  present an award

he would as most of us

live unknown and unseen

die unhonoured and unlamented.