game play Poetry shame

Life Is A Game

Life is like a  game

play well without a shame

express nothing  lame.

advance. economic education human race Poetry Progress

Development —–All Pervasive.

The D series

makes me serious

away it throws

with a force

a lot of qualities

being a rarity

as men go weird

and tend to get fed up

slip and fall all the more.

The one being development

calls for an achievement

a progress on all sides

holding nothing in an abide

the personality blooms

the character looms

integrity and culture

the interaction and character

the execution with poise

include all the choice

development argues

could be found in not too many.

Being so of the human race

development augurs in all fields

indicates a promotion in policies

and incorporated in the schemes

whereas countries indulge in economic advance

could also be found in education

wherein and where not development not plays

the word itself holds  magical powers

well enough to confer showers.


administrative. Poetry political social

Duty—- An Enhancement,

I have to do.

I must do.

I should never fail.

I should  complete

the sensation so pressing

being an  urge all the more

very much from the heart

is  the duty to the core

The will  and wish to do

the necessity to perform

more to it,  not in an obligation

but on  the requirement

called as “duty”

being more in one

the filial duty, the parental

the moral, the political,

the administrative, the social

all demand a commitment

so much with an expectation.

any failure would be deemed

an aberration not simple

complicated and complex

leading to a showdown.

Duty leads to distinction

the perfect alliance in the go

whatever might be the reason

never fail from your duty

an advice to all in general

as the drop out would

strain the relations

cause havoc in the administration

create a dent in social  outlook.

By far “Duty”  makes you glow

being duty conscious would extol you

render an exhilaration and an enhancement.