Poetry revision voluntary

The “Might ” And The “May”———- Non – Committal Resonance.

“Might” or “may’ cross then and there

provoke a sensation of doubt

might happen, might rain, might do

all come without  a clue

may come. may go,  may  escape

turn without an end

relative they sound  with a note

a tendency to evade or avoid

a slippery attribute in a way

non-committal  in all respects

the “might ” and “may”

make me  always gay

could be because they render

a gentle way out from the situation

a solution though not definite

a jump out of the criterion

a categorical process to leave

go ahead in a style  soft

the words give a voluntary  revision

a stealthy mode to  deliver the reality

without any pain or hurt

I might find the lost one soon

I may join you tomorrow

a note of hope and wellness

accompanies the reply

extended without any promise.might and may

compulsion consequences. deviation Poetry

Must ——A Compulsory Factor.

“Must: initiates a compulsion

have to do is forceful

a rule rather in the run

could not escape or slip in excuses

must do is a rigorous discipline

follow it up with a vigour

you have to rather

a discipline plays the role

never you could look for a loophole

like it or not you have to do

that be the “must” in all

ascribe anything more

could land on nothing more

well, that is the nature of the word

a strict adherence to the detail

an uncanny attitude to the minute

the “must” comes with a bang

dare to evade it at any time

have to face dire consequences

cases could lead to a punishment

might  put you in imprisonment

deviation would lead  to problems serious

beware of the word “must” at all times

follow it with no distraction every time must

you would enamour all with a chime