beckon charm door entice entry Poetry welcome. greet

The Stringed Mango Leaves

Beautifully stringed mango leaves

hung on the entry door

a sign of welcome in Indian houses

put up during auspicious occasions

they look so enticing and seem to greet

a charm  spreads mango leaves with an extension

as they dangle in the gentle breeze

seem to beckon you with a warm smile

address you in a pleasant voice

“come home”. “come home”

“you are most welcome”

a solicitation with a cordiality

never any human could express

a gesture cannot be imitated

practiced from time immemorial

conservatives liberals Monotony Poetry Trudeau

Canadian Elections.

Justin-TrudeauTopical allusions and references

carry a lot of inference

the timely mention and promptness

add to the charm and loveliness

the political win gives hope in a package

being that of Trudeau in Canada an advantage

as Liberalism has found its place amidst tight conservatism

a break from the monotony of Hawker’s  nine-year rule

a change always records a cheerful schedule

could be seen in Canada’s election as an interlude

the schemes and policies have to take shape slowly

a turnaround is possible in the run gradually

well, it is hope that sustains and invigorates

wait is the necessity for a rejuvenation.

honesty intellect learning Poetry Wisdom

Saraswathi Namas Thubyam

The Goddess of learning  is invoked

this day  every year with devotion

blessings are sought with earnestness

the Hindu mythology has a reason,

has a value for every worship

learning is knowledge

knowledge is power  enormous

not  mean a learning by rote

a discern through  analysis

not only circumvented by academics in all

includes  fine arts like music  and dance

handicrafts and sports

a comprehension of the whole curriculum

a strategy to win over  with charm

a triumph of  not being powerful and wealthy

a victory of  being highly cultured and wise

brings with it a practicality  and an insight

a simplicity and an intellectual rise

“Saraswathi” the deity of learning

blesses all with wisdom and confidence

bestows on all the skill to acquire

the spirit to adhere, the thought to be kind

teaches the way to be sincere and honest

making use of it  is our responsibility

let’s resort initially to a communion with Her

as we know  prayers bring a sea of change

help us to ward off ignorance in a range.