Divine enthrall extol honey Poetry soul praise

Ode To Madurai

Madurai in its splendourmadurai.Long do I live in my town

the little I know of the place

been born and brought up in the town

I being  named after the deity of the place

have  taken the town for granted

not I did anything so far to my birth place

I heard and hear mantras and slokas all through

the day and night chanted with  a far-sighted gaze

the festivals corresponding to months  abound all through the year

the deities  go  in  a procession through the streets

dressed up and bedecked they proceed with a cheer

the ecstasy and piety  as seen is all upbeat

the people throng to have a glimpse of the almighty

no matter how many times they see

the divine couple seems  to wear a new look unbelievably

the town reverberates  the divine music all throughout

resplendent  is the town with a glimmer all extolling

it  has no more of attractions  both inside  and out

the  charm  of the place is the temple majestic and  enthralling

keeps the town buzzing from time immemorial

cities come and go with the advancement

technology favours them a coveted place  in a revival

they grow and rise in fame and name in a  revival

this temple town is not smitten by such bug or pace

as it  remains constant in its pride and reach

a humble town called Madurai in chaste Tamil

the name  being synonymous of  honey without breach

praise I the town of my birth with all my soul

that much I can do to hold its torch high above the toll.

cyclone disaster earthquake floods Poetry storm

The Whims Of Nature.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer (1)The cyclones and storms

the earthquakes and jolts

the rains and floods

experienced one after another

be it in South Carolina

be it in Afghanistan

felt in the  Philippines

all too soon and sudden

has left the world in  a shock

terrible to the flock

who have lost their houses

been left homeless and in desolation

the furious disasters have destroyed

the land is in ruins and rubbles

an aftermath of  a great tragedy

hard to set right with a mutilated  hand

the whims of Nature being  hard to predict.

evening exhilarating moisture pleasant Poetry weather

The Drizzle Sufficiently Light

maxresdefaultThe drizzle is so light

falls on the ground slight

it is  so minute to the eyes

trickle and twist  in tries

makes the soil glossy

shines through rather crazy

the breeze blows with a whistle

strikes the face gently like a thistle

the air around picks up the moisture

renders a  beautiful weather

not very cool nor warm in nature

all the more pleasant in stature

the evening turns great in tone

an exhilarating  outflow from the zone.

black chair exterior interior. mind perfection Poetry register sooty table

Dusting I Do

doing-chores-clip-art-430080Dust the table

dust the chair

dust this and that

I command now and then

dust accumulates so fast

a day without dusting

creates a havoc

I go about with my dusting

find no time to dust the mind

which has gone black and sooty

could register none  in its socket

a poor dame I am

too much worldly

penchant towards perfection

rather of the exterior

than that of the interior.

harmony mellifluous Melody Poetry rhapsody

Musical Journey.

music intoxicating.It is music

makes you not  in toxic

leaves you intoxicated.

It is melody

extends a liberal mellifluous harmony

an exhilarating rhapsody.

bustle commute. din distance. dust much ado noisy Poetry relax

Chennai To Me

Anna Salai formerly known as Mount Road is the most important arterial road in Chennai Tamil NaduIndia This 15-km stretch of road running diagonally across the city has become the hub of business for the city The British developed this road during the colonial era and they named it as Mount R

it is a city big and famous

has grown large  in many a way

its looks make me nervous

I happened to be there for days

the noise and bustle it makes

the din and dust it creates

the massiveness it fakes

the superiority it steers

kept me in awe for a time

gradually turned  to a feel of  nonchalant

the  city  behaved strangely all the time

the much ado  seen provokes a disenchantment

the distance between places  is in extremes

the commutation causes  a havoc  rather

the roads are unclean and crowded in the interim

none could move or progress either

a standstill operation  is largely felt

boasts of its cosmopolitan and modern outlook

well, it is outlandish  and  very ridiculously dealt

being a mixture of both tradition and modern  in look

it is neither this nor that in full

a clumsy city  is the more you decipher in and out

the city is   unwieldy and proportionately dull

beyond any nature of relaxation and enjoyment all throughout.