Hush is silence

Being  a subdued  existence

A suppressed  vigilance.

bite chicken kunya dengue epidemic havoc Poetry

The Mosquito ——- A Menace

Mosquito, the little insect

black and small  in size

breeds in marshy tracts

multiplies  in millions and billions

barges in like an invasion

bites the inmates then and there

extends  various  forms of epidemics

dengue one such fever

chicken kunya  another strain

malaria severest form

all too much to bear

dies in a few days

imposing a havoc unprecedented

that be the honour of mosquito

whose entity is tiny and micro

whose effect is gigantic and macro

as such I find  one such sitting on my hand

about to bite with its tongs

I give it a slam so  harsh

it falls down dead on the floor

leaving behind a trace of blood

sticks to my hand in slight   degrees

thick and red  the blood looks

could be from the previous bite

who knows from (52)

drain feign fine line Poetry strain

Rain Or Shine.

Rain or shine

both come in a line

they are fine.

Shine or rain

both come without a strain

do not feign.

It is shine

emitting a deal of light

to  a great height.

It is rain

flowing through the fields

very lively indeed!Rain-or-Shine-Logo_No-Text_Web-Header