Daily Archives: October 1, 2015

Divide And Rule

Divide and rule

you could make a fool

a lovely tool.

Division ———A Deliberation

Division is arithmetical  method

one belongs to the family of calculation

along with its siblings of increase and decrease

be one of multiplication and addition  in the progression

subtraction and division in the diminution

reminders would be there in most

while the rest would be a perfect  property

the calculation works through all factors

be it in simple arithmetic as in schools

be it in the division of lands of estates

be it in the partition of properties movable and immovable

be it in the division of labour in a macro level

be it in the divide and rule policy

where the most you divide the most powerful you turn

an administrative technique followed from time immemorial

by the governments, rich and politicians as well

engage in a division and go across with exultant power

only so far goes my deliberation of “division”.

Destiny————–All Powerful

None can win over

what would you ask?

even the cleverest  would not

succeed to win over

what is that you ask?

not the fastest would

be able to win over

what again you would ask?

the luckiest would not

be able to win over

what could it be you ask?

going right and left

strolling round and round

I knit my brows looking at you

have you not got it?

my turn to ask

It is destiny that is unconquerable

that is invincible and all powerful.


it is a wake-up

sudden and quick

want to get out of bed

why in a hurry?

I know not.

it is a wake- up

after a long deliberation

the awareness is slow

want to get out of  the dream

not in a hurry

I know not.

it is a wake-up

after a collapse

the recovery is dead slow

want to get out to regain memory

very much in a haste

I know not.