height Poetry Slender

The Sale Of Curry Leaves.

Curry leaves green and  aromatic

Grow in rows systematic

Reach up the heights

The plant is slender and light

Abound in my garden at the back

Th vendor comes with a sack

Plucks the leaves so fast

Not a single leaf is lost

Stuffs the sack to te full

The filled ones look like a bull

Bulging on all sides  unviably

Lifts each one with ease

The weights strike a tease

One enormous  sack weighs very less

Perhaps a few kilos  in test

Pays a paltry sum in the end

Lifts the curry leaves with a bend

Walks with a real freight

A good bargain all straight.

assassination. forlorn kill Morose Poetry

Character Assassination

Caught in the middle

unable to face  all

Stood morose and forlorn

knew not what to do

Could pity her at the most

She being at fault

Having  committed  a crime

Not anything simple

Akin to a murder

Mean I not literally

Mean I the alleged

An indirect kill

Her words and thoughts

Pierced and bruised

Tore and tarnished

Hurt and caused a death

Well, she is an assasinator

Being that of a character.

breeze Poetry

My Only Friend

A pleasant  evening it is

Cool breeze kisses me

It talks to me with love

The voice soft and sweet

I, being alone at home

With none to talk

I pour my heart

All my feelings come out

cry, laugh and share

Talk,scold and fight

A play I indulge

With joy and grief

All through the days

With my friend the breeze.

distract intent. Poetry pure sky stars thought

The Moon ,The Stars And The Sky.

moon and the starsI stare at the moon

I gaze at the stars

I look at the sky

the one so pure and white

the other so small and bright

another so calm and wide

all the three hold me for long

as I sart to sing a song

from nowhere I hear the ding -dong

I am back into the real world

I could hear the chatter of words

could resemble a fight with sword

as you know words are incisive

could turn to be defensive

sharper  than the daggers as all

extract not blood from the fall

demoralize the intent in short

distract more or less the thoughts

a not so good omen to witness

a diabolical  mode to harness.