calls frequent. gentle Poetry ringing

Annoying Calls.

it is a frequent call

call untimed and unmindful

would be somewhere in the middle

doing something important in the milieu

the call interrupts in a continuous ring

at times just ignore it

at times I have to answer

be it in the morning or evening

I am irritated all the time

I, being  gentle never express it

my courtesy is mistaken  for ignorance

the call does come not on and off

continuous  and regular it is

once in a way I have to show my displeasure

could be an end to this annoying ways.

light Poetry sound. water wind

The Remote.

What keeps moving?

asks my little one

water, sound, light

the  wind with a flow

I tell him with a pride

he looks at me curiously

for a while

as I saunter up and down

smiling he points at me

it is you who keeps on moving

why call the remote?


driest. flower. dainty Poetry

Arali —-A Flower For All

araliIt is arali

a flower dainty

named so in my language

know not its botanical name

grows throughout the seasons

flowers even in the driest times

needs no water to bloom

comes in different colours

be they red, yellow, white and rose

all seen along the  roads

grow on their own

require no nurture or care

yet they flower and blossom

a treat to the eyes

ain’t arali is a symbol of simplicity

and a paragon of virtue.