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Mother ———- A Symbol Of Love.

“Mother” a lovable word

embraces all with love

looks with eyes benign

seeks nothing  in return

a solace to all

solicits with a smile

knows only selfless affection

brings tears to my eyes

as I recollect my own

a tough lady by nature

bore so much love inside

never showed it out explicit

being an innate confidence

versatile and  a genius

took after her father

an architect par excellence

not in a way qualified

an administrator beyond imagination

not in a way qualified

a housewife  ahead of thoughts

not in a way qualified

a teacher strict to the core

not in a way qualified

lacked she in one aspect

could that be a minor one

it be the cooking skill

she never wanted to master

rather never attempted once in her life

the mother of mine is a straight woman

majestic and careful

walked with an air of pride

her eyes reflected her feeling

her hands excelled in sewing and knitting

the  embroidery was her speciality

grammar was her focus

punctuations  came first

she lived like a Queen

her bastion always in her hand

such a mother I was blessed to have

being so born in the earth

which too bears the honour of a mother

earth being the founder of all

a symbolic significance of patience and pride

all at the same time  and with the same demand perfectmoment

flutter heaven hell Poetry strength.

The Mind ——–In A Flutter.

“Mind” is the first word

comes up through the wind

the alphabet “M” haunts me

might be my name starts with it

the mind cam make  a hell out of heaven

and a heaven out of hell

rings in my mind all throughout

what an analogue it is

the way you feel you react

the way you feel you express

the way you see you approve

the way you count it multiplies

well, it is the mind that projects

comes into the fore with a force

a travel down the lane

brigs in a lot of memories

a fund of reflections

all sign up now and at once

the mind bears

the happiness with a smile

the grief with tears

the shock with an  alarm

the fear with an apprehension

yet it tides over the good and bad

resumes its equanimity  no sooner

being its strength all the way

mind,accompanies you with a flourish

never rejects you with a tarnish

pray to have a strong mind

a lively vigour and a firm belief.mind in a flutter