Daily Archives: October 27, 2015


A little flower
 white and orange in colour
 enthuses a fervor.
A little flower
 soft and dainty without a cover
fall in a shower.
A little flower
 Pavalamalli be her name all over
blossoms in a bower.
The little flower
 seasonal in her bloom as ever
enchants all whatsoever.
pavala malli.

A Birthday Song

eleven year old boyTurning eleven  today
 an age of grace
 responsible in a way
playful in a trace
set your goals high
go with an impulse strong
as  your limit is the sky
mature like a beautiful song
rhythmic and melodious.

Let Him Take Care.

waywardNot I expect rewards

not I want to hear praise

nor I wish to be admired

nor I like to be appreciated

I am nobody in this world

one who had seen many deceits

who had gone through many decamps

one who had been usurped squarely

being one of the sorts of the majority

require no brickbats or condemn

my actions speak for themselves

twists and distortions play a havoc

well, that is what I experience

from known and unexpected quarters

having helped many a person in their needs

be it an alliance for a wayward boy

be it a lift to a depressed man

owing to  the paucity of funds

I have been  referred wrongly

most unjustifiably by those who benefitted

I would wish them well in their endeavours

I have left them to the almighty.

Let Him take care of them.