Daily Archives: October 26, 2015

The Utopia

idealismit is heartening to note

the cordiality in  all

the  kindness in most

the sincerity in execution

the   integrity in the undertakes

the  genuineness in speech

an absolute contentment prevails

well, this is a Utopia, not real

the imagination gives birth

the ideals take care

the growth is envisaged

a demonstration is expected

She Is Dull

dullHer smile has left her forever

her face is in a quiver

see no brightness whatsoever

it is long and forlorn all over.

Why has she turned so dull?

her face was always full

brilliance was her strength in all

now she draws a null.

Wonder, what has happened?

could it be a mishappen?

that has dampened

know not what is rampant.