hurt Poetry refer resolve shiver tackle unexpected

One After Another.

1a8be8b4a732e90ddd2adeda18b97ea8One comes after another

if all comes together

it would be rather

a stuck up in the corner

happens sometimes not ever

besieged by issues altogether

unexpected and sudden rather

before resolving the first one for sure

comes the other in a speed in a refer

involving into the new one a little slower

barges in the third one seeking shelter

tackled  carefully one after another

know not how I came out without a shiver

still the hurt lingers within whatsoever.


acceptance. Faith Poetry questioning supreme

The Power Supreme.

092811_attribute_omniscientThe faculty of reasoning

goes with a resonance

why and how  always  boggles

the cognitive power overwhelms

certain factors need no reason

happen as if with an ease

could not give an explanation

a blind acceptance is a  resolution

the faith helps you to progress

the doubts keep you from promotions

take it easy as in the go

you would cover the distance in speed

the suspicion halts your development

question to a limit, no further

an excess of analysis would stifle

there lies a power far superior

would take care at the time of distress

well, rely on the supreme power

do the rightful at the right time

would lead you to triumph in no time.

affability affinity dream. odds Poetry relams struggle

The Place I Live.

A place where you live

be it small or big

belongs to you full and full

the affinity you develop

the affability you grow

puts you in a comfortable  seat

like not to go away for long

wish to sit there  with joy

whatever be the odds and struggle

a spirit holds anyone always

is it good or bad I do not know

for me it takes me very far

into the realms of fantasy

where I spend most of my time

dreaming, day dreaming

enjoying every minute of my life.