amass betray curiosity deceit duo plunder Poetry

Tale Like A Tail

tale like a tailThe tale goes like a tail

long in an elongation

a plausible  story all possible

the deceit of a duo in a forfeit

they join hands in a conjoining

betray the third one in the fray

they have succeeded in a succession

amassed enough in en masse

continue to do so in  the  continuous  moves

hope to elope with the plunder

would they ?  a curiosity out of  the woods

have to wait to find how they behave

cranky crazy eccentric finicky fool silly introvert lunatic. Poetry

I Am What I Am

I am what I am.I am so finicky

a touch me not

an introvert in all

resolute and focused

Do I look crazy?

well, that is what I am.

Talk to a few only

could talk no more

settle within my circle

never want to extend

Do I sound silly?

well, that is what I am.

Like not to dine out

the little I eat

has to be from home

confined to the home

Do I seem cranky?

well, that is what I am.

I spend time gazing at the sky

the stars twinkle

the moon shines

the sun scorches

I find an equanimity with them

Do I  resemble a fool?

well, that is what I am.

I read books many

listen to music often

imagine me to be a writer of fame

write, what I know in a stroke

Do I speak like an eccentric?

well, that is what I am.

I am very sensitive

hurt I get in a wink

when  bruised  I sob

withdraw as quick as I can

Do I take the cue of a lunatic?

well, that is what I am.

count material mental physical Poetry top.


grades5 grades5Grades do count

in physical, material and mental

notch the top.

contemplate Poetry progression promotion stylee

The Long Chat

long chatit is a long chat

going on for hours

could it be for a progression

would it be for a promotion

is it  a kind of retrospection?

I watched the discussion

far from any observation

could hear only voices

should I call it a noise

could it relate to any choice

Does it hold anything of poise?

I contemplate all the while

as they enter the details to a file

would it reflect anything in style?

could it lead to a succession in a trial?

nay nothing to that in the dial

it is a time passing one

more so of a time killing one.

Compassion harbinger kindness Poetry

A Harbinger Of Graciousness.

It is radiance

Bright and one of brilliance

Not one of the outward light

Where the sun fills up in blight

The resplendent mind

Shines wih a smile kind

Not that the charm lies in a deign

Exudes from a look benign

Compassion is a lively spirit

Found mostly in the Holy Spirit

Seen in man not so much in fact

If expressed he eludes the pact

Rises to the level of Gòdliness

A harbinger of graciousness,


A Salvation In Bliss.

With the morn not so brght

The sky not very cĺear

The clouds in haze

With the winds  not so strong

The breeze in a gentle move

The atmosphere rather cool

With the rains not so heavy

The drizzle very light

The pace little marshy

With the break of dawn

The birds not seen anywhere

The men inside homes

There seems to be peace

A transcendental feel

Felt all throughout

A kind of meditation

A salvation in bliss.