coins. notes Poetry remebrance

A Joyful Remembrance

Searching for coins

while the mendicant holds the bowl

nothing to give.

Could have given

the notes instead of coins

the mind refuses.

Notes or coins

whatever it could be most

a joyful remembrance.

I have denied

both the notes and coins

be an  evil person.

bewilders cleanliness grace grandeur piety Poetry Religion rises sun.

The Exotic East.

exotic eastExotic lands of the east

densely occupied and full of dust

hold your breath otherwise

be the grandeur of these places

awe-inspiring architecture

amazing culture  and literature

the piety and divinity that surrounds

the grace and poise of the religion

the affable and friendly  people

all hold your breath for a while

as you get diffused in the atmosphere

a few unwanted elements surface all through

the cleanliness and the infrastructure

prompt you to sniff and scorn for a time

sure in a way the idealism that wraps  the entire

bewilders and bewitches you on the whole

not improper to say that east is gorgeous

no wonder the sun rises in the east.

cause commitment. contempt exact Poetry scorn

The Notes And Coins—– An Allegory.

indian-currency-notes-coins-14170302Fumbling for coins

I got hold of a tuft of notes

a real issue at joints

where coins are rare.

Flashing my notes at the counter

I found no response

the man scorned at me with contempt

a piquant situation instead.

Notes, tens, hundreds and thousands

are discarded  and set aside

as if they have no value

paradoxical it sounds indeed.

The perfect change should be there

wherever you go all the way

no bargain is possible at the juncture

ironical it seems in fact.

That be the cause all through

a proper sail through is experienced

with an exact commitment

however, small or big it might be.

cash Poetry refrain

Credit Card And Debit Card.

Is-there-finally-a-way-to-end-credit-and-debit-card-fraud-magtek_topCredit card is Greek to me

Debit card is Latin to me

Cash Is English to me.

I know to count

I count very fast

both coins and notes.

I do not have a credit card

nor a debit card

have only little of cash.

I like not to carry forward

Cards, both credit and debit

seem to me a liability.

I buy what little I can

with what little cash I have

else refrained from buying.

I may sound a  crook

I might look a fool

I am really  one.

I go by my way

never  into the sway

all through the day.