niraval. notes Poetry tone

The Play Of The Swaras.

300px-Indiskt_That-2The breeze plays a tune

could it be the seven swaras

I listen keenly to the notes

the start from the sadjamam

gradually picks up and pauses

as it reaches the middle  kanthara

it blows with a sweep and stays

harping on the panchamam

it blows with a niraval

then slowly gains momentum

past the nishadam in a tune

touches the highest shadjamam

tends to play with a fervour

as it reverberates and resonates

lost myself in the flow

knew not when it subdued

went down in the notes

back to the lowest shadjamam

followed by a silence eternal.

drink Flower lanky nut Poetry shoot tree

Tender Coconut Water.

The sweet water from a nut

held in a closed shut

found on a tree top

a lanky tree that grows up

no shoots or branches sidewise

the fronds become broad edgewise

in between the branches grow the shoot

they flower out which seem like tiny roots

the flowers then turn into small nuts

become big and are called coconuts

the tender one holds a lot of water

it is tasty and refreshing as nectar

healthy and  a reviving drink

renews even those who sink

a natural drink quite inexpensive

a gift to mankind all conclusive.tender coconut.

less more most. Poetry

Talk I Not.

Talk I more

nor talk I the less

talk I not.stop-talking

Talk I not

nor talk I the most

talk not at all.

Talk not anymore

talked almost all the more

talk no more.

food King mince morning Poetry sing

Break The Fast

breakfastBreak the fast

as early in the morning

eat until last.

Like a king

eat as much in the morning

all with a sing.

Never mince food

eat as much as you could

be it in the morning