Chennai To Me

Anna Salai formerly known as Mount Road is the most important arterial road in Chennai Tamil NaduIndia This 15-km stretch of road running diagonally across the city has become the hub of business for the city The British developed this road during the colonial era and they named it as Mount R

it is a city big and famous

has grown large  in many a way

its looks make me nervous

I happened to be there for days

the noise and bustle it makes

the din and dust it creates

the massiveness it fakes

the superiority it steers

kept me in awe for a time

gradually turned  to a feel of  nonchalant

the  city  behaved strangely all the time

the much ado  seen provokes a disenchantment

the distance between places  is in extremes

the commutation causes  a havoc  rather

the roads are unclean and crowded in the interim

none could move or progress either

a standstill operation  is largely felt

boasts of its cosmopolitan and modern outlook

well, it is outlandish  and  very ridiculously dealt

being a mixture of both tradition and modern  in look

it is neither this nor that in full

a clumsy city  is the more you decipher in and out

the city is   unwieldy and proportionately dull

beyond any nature of relaxation and enjoyment all throughout.


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