An Admonition.

Lies there the rule

a discipline to follow

never to make a fool

one in depth not hollow.


The ethics behind the faith

be one of religion or person

calls for a  rigour straight

else could lead to a treason.


Any riot or rebellion

includes a mishap or a feud

could demand an admonition

a punishment for being rude


So saying of the perception large

holds a lot of merit to issues small

the admonition could  be not  forged

however be the gravity in all.


Spare the rod  and spoil the child in terms

goes the much thought of adage

could prove to be right or wrong in forms

as there might be a few or more to charge.


Admonition is never to be equated with punishment

being a variant in degrees and magnitudes

it is a precursor to  any attainment

a scold or a correction being a milder form in attitude.


The mother admonishes her child when it turns naughty

so does the society restricts one who goes astray

found in politics, business anything lofty

equally so in theft and anti social activities in the fray.


The forerunner to the much severe references

admonition  lends a cue to optimize

an opportunity to  reform  with an inference

a medication  bitter administered to tranquil7752005-Admonition-with-shaking-index-finger-pointing-up-Stock-Photoise.











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