Begining of—- Existentialism

The beginning of what may be

one of germination in the spree

found that of a plant as might be

could be explicit in others in free.


The seed into a sapling be a process

that might grow if not in excess

would shoot up well with a nexus

being the one and another in focus.


The plant grows  extensive from the roots

find one the leaves in the course of  the shoots

there then could be found buds and fruits

a growth  vibrantly seen from every nook.


This could be a referential graph of any form

the life  expands and extends with a storm

one of a potential  within the  norms

other being a impoverished one without harm.


Seen in the obvious pattern of the  structure

the plant illustrates the existentialism  in character

let me tell you that it is this feature

goes beyond the comprehensive  naturesexistentialism







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