A Story in a Poem.

It is a fight between two

one being on the top of the other

the stronger one beat the other blue

the weaker one stands helpless rather.


The strongest walks away in pride

he marches past with a hearty laugh

feels he has taken the other for ride

thinks this could be the other’s last laugh.


The weakest walks with head bowed

he moves slowly with a lot of grief

agony and anguish places him in a limbo

with a let go attitude he concludes in brief.


All is not well with both of them as found

tides turn unexpectedly all of a sudden

the strongest loses his grip and is not sound

the weakest gains in every aspect feels no burden.


A story in a poem all the more  being an allegory

the figures keep not the same all throughout

an event of jubilation today turns tomorrow turns  gory

the transient be best seen in nature and man in and out.









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