OIL Palm _Haiku.

Small berries  together

go to make a fruit

called oil palm.


Being orangish black

they shine like black gold

bringing  great gain.


Heavy and husky

weighing well over with density

oily and lascivious.


Dotting the equator

are Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo

home to palms.


Many do engage

growing oil palm in hectares

earning revenues high.


Being great spinner

of money and oil together

oil palm proves oil palm fruit resourceful.


A Discourage

Nothing much to manage

seeing only damages

all around in stages

went across to rummage

the  items to gauge

what is inside in ranges

could find nothing in the storage

only few things  in the page

that were left out in a wage to see damage.

got totally discouraged

threw everything in a rage

walked away in  a daze.