Time Is On time

Missing the time

catches you on wrong foot.

time flies in speed

waiting for no food

time jumps over

crossing the flood

time hops on board

going through  a float

time stumbles never

persuading no flow

time chimes on time

ringing all time.time











Saving For The Progeny

We save money for our children.

We invest in shares and stocks

 multiply the money in geometrical progression

 buy properties and allow them to appreciate

 thus grows money in arithmetical progression

purchase gold in lots and in kilograms 

 which again hops up to heights

 Well, we  have saved a fortune for our progeny

 and live in peace with the aim to earn more.

The life goes round earning and saving money.

 We forget the rest in an easy memory loss.

 Having spoilt all the natural resources

 having excavated volumes of sand from riverbeds

 making them now look like a desert.

 having felled all trees for ruthless expansion

 leaving the ground dry and desolate

having dug the earth deep for water

turning it into a tattered  empty shell

having resorted to artificial coolers and heaters

 emitting carbon monoxide destroying the ozone

 having adapted to fast food culture

 resulting in  terminal illness and speedy death

 having fertilised the crops with inorganic manure

subjecting  the  mother earth to a chemical  reaction

converting her to a barren unproductive land.

What are we going to leave to our children?

A waterless river running all through

A  land without any greenery .

A  ground with scars and holes.

An ozone totally shattered.

A generation bereft of immunity.

An unproductive land  where nothing could grow.

This is what we have saved for our  offsprings

 who would see no springs or lakes

 but envisage stretches of land

 bare and torn  very waterless river badly injured.






The Mosquitoes Plague Madurai

Endangered by the epidemic

 with dengue and malaria on the anvil

 mosquitoes humming in rhythmic

saying that monsoon has failed  in the wheel

scarcity of water being the cause of misery

the civic authorities remain dazed in ignorance

knowing not what to do to stop the  infectious emissary

as all along they had been busy  in reference

not to their duties but in filling their treasury

sharing with not the have-nots in inference

but making their families revel in wealth mostly

now the tiny insect has bit them so hard with a difference

stinging them not physically but in a way discordantly

hitting  their morality forcibly Mosquitoes that they stand  in  preference

accused in front of the public and legality

with true sense of guilt and indifference



Moon -The Master.

The moon haunts me

with its glory and shine

never it is less than fine

waning and waxing in nine

a fortnight it grows

a fortnight it fades

a cycle so expressive

a scale of economy

with growth and fall

seen mostly in recent calls

a yardstick for man while living

flourishing and thriving

crumbling and deteriorating

found all through the existence

a denote to the world in a sense

which sees great movements

punctuated by rise and calamities

all in a cycle and all  very natural in entities

as the new moon gradually in

ascends and becomes full  in course

and the full moon equally in browse

descends and turns  nil in source

a way of life in terms of resource

symbolising rise and fall  in a way

with an illustration of the day

once every month  in a pray

and twelve times every year in the say

Could we expect  in all the influential swayNew moonhalf moonfull  moon

a better master than Moon ?