The Buy And Sell

The buy and sell
get going in a tell
with a bargain
for a gain
with a discount
for the pennies count
and a concession
as a relaxation.
Without these three
there is no spree
and the buy and sell
turns to sell high hell


Days Come And Go

Days come and go
but to me they come
but do not go easily’
putting me to workdays come and go
taking the most out of me
they never leave me alone
nor give a wink of rest.
I mean the mind
as well as the body
but the latter takes a break
by relaxing on a chair
sipping a cup of hot tea
while the mind keeps on thinking
never does it go on sight-seeing
but always deliberating and wondering
What is it all about?
Why should it keep me so occupied.
I do not know for sure
but have to go on with it
or else it would kill me
for being idle all the same.


Lot of Everything.

Lot of reading goes on
lot of appreciation gets on
as lot of gratitude grows on
while lot of making it known takes on
lot of keeping it where it is on
makes a lot of writing not known
losing lot of readership on and on
yet everythinglot of value still remains on.