The Face Pains.

Recollecting the days when I was a young mother

with three little boys catching my apron

always behind me to places wherever I go

all very reluctant to go to school

when the day dawns each one would come with an excuse

one saying his hands are aching

the other coming out with a leg pain

while the last one would simply cry loudly

This had been my daily take off

while my second one pretty imaginative

one day came out with a peculiar strain

saying all of a sudden that his face is paining

having exhausted all pains and aches  he landed on this

a very strange phenomenon and quaint  excuse

Suppressing my smile I asked him

how could a face on the whole give pain

he burst forth with a vigour that shook me

finally had to yield to his pleadings

without any more interrogation.face pain



Raucous And Atrocious.

A  lively debate goes  around

where the rivalry gets in the nerve

with the  spiteful indulgence

there goes a talk pregnant with deceit

where the animosity runs riot

bringing in a rift and fissure

that requires least attention

as these are issues nothing private

but covering the debatesocial political  norms

where there is no place for indignation

and no status for  discrimination

but the indulgence is carried with gusto

by a person least qualified and most irreverent

as nothing hold his intervention

he goes in an unmindful  attempt

trying to slander the duly designated

by his raucous remarks and clandestine deals

while his associates keep behind him

doing the rest in full tenure.