Dimensional Narrations.

Effective narrations give an impetus.
Versions of a same event lend dimensions.
One sees the good in it with preference
The other finds the blot staring with deference
The third one does not see anything without reference
The presentations depend on the mood primarily
In a happier state it goes vibrant and affable
In a sombre stage it appears sullen and reliable
In a sad outlook it shows melancholic significance with a preamble
With that goes the interpretationstorytime2 in a schedule
The first one throws an exalted perception with a prelude
The following one gears up for a sobriety in the interlude
But the final step lets out a despair and desolation with an include.
It is the way of appeal that releases the required feel
To like or not depends upon the mind-set on the heel.


Shout Did I ?

Had an intention to shout
with a full force and volume
Why I do not know?
What for I know not?
But intend very much to shout
The inequalities make me roar.
The greed provokes a scream.
The deceit incites a violent scowl.
The snobbery insinuates a howl.
The ostentation induces a bark.
Well, now I understand very well
Why I want to shout?
ans shout did I loud.shouting


The Sea Circumscribed.

The boundaries of the sea are unbound.
The depth of the sea is deep down.
The surface of the sea is blue in tone
The sound of the sea is a roar all round.
Does this circumscription of its vastness seemsea unsound?


The Girl And Giant

Going by the words of a friend
she went along the way
finding nothing as prescribed
she went further away
as she could no longer get further
turned and met on the way
a giant looking man tall and stout
walking with a thud and a groan.
Fearing she hid behind a big tree.
The strong man came nearer and nearer
With her heart jumping out she stood motionless
hoping the man to cross over soon.
Lo! the man halted just by the tree
Looking around he took his axe
gave one fine blow on the huge tree.
Shrieking my friend came from the hiding
and ran as fast as she could
with the noise of the falling tree chasing her.
Till now none know why she ventured alone into forest?
The man big and huge could have caught her
but left her without doing any harm.
Nothing could be made out of this incident
It is but a strange scene me-in-a-giant-tree-photo_994622-770tallmight be an allegorical reference
as being led by falsities and encountering dangers.